Jobs and Opportunities

Legal Analyst (Apply Now)

Requirements: Fresh Law Graduates, Final and Pre-Final Year Law Students. (LLB/LLM). Candidates who are comfortable in using Search Tools for Legal Search, along with experience in Moot Courts. Having publications in reputed journals will be a plus point.

Description: We require interns to perform SWOT analysis of our Legal Search to highlight its strengths and weaknesses and its usefulness to legal professionals. An ideal candidate should be well-versed in more than one field of law, know about common disputes in these fields and be able to think of potential Search Queries that a lawyer/advocate may face. Further (s)he should be able to gauge the quality of results shown by our Search-Engine vis-a-vis existing players in the market.

Candidates will enjoy full flexibility in terms of work hours and the place of working so that they can easily manage their studies/practice along with internship. We expect around 7-8 hours of work per week.

Job Type: Contractual (Flexible Work Hours)

Digital Marketing Management (Apply Now)

Requirements: Graduate with experience in Digital Marketing.

Description: You are expected to design attractive posts based on the content provided and manage multiple digital media platforms. Expect a 25-30 hr assignment spread over a period of 30 days.

Job Type: Contractual (Flexible Work Hours)